File picture of Admr. Grace from 2197 undercover mission.

Rear Admiral Harold Grace

Rear Admiral Grace is a rogue & a scrounge, however, he’d rather continue to appear to be a lackadaisical bureaucrat. Things always get done when the Admiral sets his mind to it, clean and by the book, or so most think. While Grace looks calm above the surface, the Mighty Harry Grace is paddling like a duck on amphetamines below the water.

Admr. Grace has had a long term plan, beginning as a cadet: take the worst possible duties offered and make the best of them. No one expected the KP screw ups to win culinary prizes, Harry’s cadet crew did. No one expected an empty tanker to rescue 500 civilians, Harry’s tanker did. No one expected a garbage scowl to win a decisive victory, but Harry’s all convict crew won the day. When Admr. Grace took over Neptune Yard, no one knew what to expect. Then he assumed command of a Chemical Rehab facility on Mars and a retirement facility on Earth – then joined the two on a derelict station in Neptune orbit. What was Harry up to?

Rear Admiral Grace is tiring of the bureaucracy within Starfleet. He sees the writing on the wall. The intelligence reports all show the Romulans gearing up for a fresh offensive, but, with the Romulans, it’s always a chess game. Nothing obvious, no evidence, no witnesses. Harry needs a crew willing to go find the truth – and just maybe prevent a war.

Harry asked for one favor from Admiral Cobin: to have his pick from the BOTTOM 50% of the 2200 graduating class. Cobin, curious, couldn’t help but grant Grace his request.


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