USS Hawking - NCC-152
Slot 19 of the Neptune Yard contained an old, small, Daedalus class starship used for science; USS Hawking.

Hawking was once the pride of Starfleet. Her sensors were the most sensitive aboard any vessel. Hawking didn’t see action in the Earth-Romulan War, however she was one of the few science vessels flying during the war. The science conducted aboard her was stunning.

For reasons not listed in her log, the small ship was placed in the yard, in tact, 12 years ago – 2188.

Admiral Grace listed this ship as a possible option for his team. The team picked Hawking and requisitioned several upgrades, including:

  • Sensor Software updates.
  • More powerful Impulse and Warp drives.
    • Hawking can now cruise at Warp 4 with a limit of Warp 6.5.
  • Additional, more powerful weapons.
  • More powerful shields.
  • Expanded shuttle bays.
    • “1” port, “2” starboard, “3” aft.
  • Enlarged crew quarters.
  • Enlarged social area.
    • Deck 13, Primary Hull – “Prime”
  • Updated paint scheme, a.k.a. “Go Faster” stripes.

Essentially, Neptune Yard stripped the original ship to the girders, added additional compartments and capacity and canabalized newer ships to update the Daedalus class.


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